Hair Removal & Ear Candling

Sugaring Hair Removal:

You won't believe the results of this innovative, highly effective way to remove unwanted hair. No hot wax and messy strips, much less skin trauma, excellent results. Amazing!!
Lower Legs: $40-$50 Full Brazilian: $70
Full Legs: $55-$85 Brazilian Front Only: $60
Full Face: $35+ Bikini: $35+
Upper Lip: $15 Underarms: $30
Eyebrows: $15-$25 Forearms/Arms: $30-$60
Chin, Jawline, Neck: $25-$45 Full Back: $50-$150

Ear Candling

$35.00 for both ears candled one time, $60.00 for both ears candled twice
Help relieve earaches, equilibrium problems & chronic sinusitis. Ear candling keeps ear canal free of excess wax build-up & helps prohibit fungus & bacteria growth that can lead to sickness. Safe for kids & feels great.