Are you tired of getting little or no results from allopathic medicine? Are those prescriptions you are taking giving you more bad side effects than doing good for your body? Are you ready to take charge of your health instead of giving that control to someone else?

Naturopath, Phil Burbutes is now offering Complimentary Alternative Medicine at Vitality Day Spa. Dr. Phil has been active as a naturopathic doctor for over 25 years and is Arkanasas' only naturopath.  No matter what your health challenges, problems, complaints or ailments, Dr. Phil can help you now. No matter what the problem, he guarantees relief with safe and harmless therapies and protocols. You have nothing to loose but pain and suffering!                      

You can call Dr. Phil directly at 501-617-4362 or 501-624-1426 to schedule your appointment. Please visit his website for more information.